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  1. BeBe
    Hey so me and my bf broke up about a month ago. He said we could still be friends so after our break up we still talked for a few days but I decided to stop talking to him to give him space. 5 days into that he unfriended me on fb. I still am not sure what that means but I didn't try and friend him back or ask him why he did so. We would usually talk on Hangouts which is a google chat thing on google+. He had only got that for me and I was the only person he talked to on that whoever else he used fb for. But I see that he gets on Hangouts a lot and checks it. Sometimes stays on it. I would like to think it's to see if I would message him but I don't know. He has told me before that he just wants to be friends and that he doesn't want a gf for a long time. That the reason for the breakup was that it just went "stale". Told ona his friends it was because we weren't able to hangout that much. Anyway, I havnt talked to him in a little over a month. I really do want to get him back. I don't know I I stand a chance at doing so but I don't know what to message him. Do you think you could help me? Or that here is any chance in getting him back?
    • Brad Browning
      Hi there, try not to fall into the friendship trap. The breakup happened for a reason and that's most likely due to a loss of attraction on his part. Watch this: Understanding Why Your Breakup Happened (Top 4 Reasons) Knowing what happened leads you to the first step in trying to rekindle it, and that's what my Ex Factor Guide does, which you ought to check out. Okay? Since there's been a month's space of "No contact" I think you're now onto the second phase. Watch my other videos as refernece on how to reach out, but get my guide to know all the details on how to go about it. Good luck!
    • Brad Browning
      I would like to help, but I obviously would need to know more about the situation first for me to be in a better position to give an advice specific to your situation. Sign up for my coaching program so I can assess the situation and guide you on a regular basis. Okay? Talk soon!

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