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  1. Darrein
    So me & my ex broke up about a month ago & we've been talking every other day since the break up. She told me she wants me to be a part of her life no matter what. She recently moved out of her parents house into her friends who I believe don't like me. Also she told me to chase & I'm forever yours. But she also plays hot & cold. She said she wants to be friends to see if I've changed along the lines. I'm 21 she's 19 going on 20. What should I do?
  2. Tasha
    Hey, Me & my ex split up around 3 months ago, there was no contact but recently he got in touch with me and apologised, he then just turned up at my house (I moved in after we broke up he remembered my address from a mutual friend giving him it a week after we broke up) he has visited me twice and we talk everyday, he has also admitted he missed me. When we are together it just feels like old times and he thinks this too. Do you think there is a chance we could end up back together?
  3. Mikale
    I'm 19 and i was dating this girl for about 3 to 4 months and things were extremely serious. Me and her were always together and couldn't stop talking and touching each other. The problem is her mom dislikes me fore some reason and she was the one who told my ex that she needs to leave me. We haven't talked in a month and she is always posting negative things about me on social media.
    • Brad Browning
      Her mom may just be overprotective and in this case, I'm sorry but there's really not much you can do here other than to move on. The thing is, it has to be her choice to choose you, and with the circumstances being presented, that may not be possible yet. Perhaps see in a few years time where you're both independent and see what happens? :-) Move on for now. Good luck!
  4. BuildaMan
    Me and my girl broke up just a month ago. Try everything but she refused to talk to me or see me. Just 2 weeks ago was her bday and get some stuff for her which I bought before she dump me. I went there to have them her but she refused but her mom took them and later text me that she accept it and told me to give her space for two months. Last time I check her Facebook she is dating another guy. Calling him my man holding each other's hand. I still love her to death. Should I give up or wait till the two month period. We not contacting each other.
  5. catter x
    hey i'm in a deep problem , my girlfriend says she dont have any feelings for me anymore but we havent broke up yet she also says that she has no interest in me anymore but again she says she is trying to love me again spend some days with me but she is a hostler and we hardly get a chance to meet she gave me time about a months and says if she get any feelings for me then we are continuing or else we gonna apart what should i do ? what should i do to win her again in these 1 months ? please help me i love her like hell
  6. Brandy
    So I have a unique situation, me and my ex have been having problems for the past mth. He then meet a girl that was just a friend so I was told, after a few days he decided that he wanted to work things out but I didn't bf wel comfortable with there relationship and it bother me so one night things blew up and he left all night with her, and the next night aslo, she has since moved to Texas and it been a week now and I'm told that he loves her and wants to be with her, but within the last week we have slept together 3 times.... Yesterday I went a little over board in texting him about us and me loving him and not understanding things, and I was told again that we are done and he loves her it doesn't matter that she lives In another state at the moment. I'm not entirely sure what to do, ibdont want to lose him, but I feel I only have a limited time left to change my current situation
    • Brad Browning
      Hello, Brandy, a heated argument never helps, as you can tell. Don't be so hard on yourself, though. I suggest reading my Ex Factor Guide so you'd at least know how to handle a situation and some important principles you ought to keep in mind. All right? Moving forward, I suggest to give him space and let him miss you a bit. Giving space will also help you get a hold of your emotions and find your balance. Cut off contact for at least a month because this is what you both need at the momenet. Okay? Watch this: How to Make Your Ex Miss You
  7. catter x
    hey it's been 2 weeks since we broke up and i really miss her i really want her back as u said i have cut off my contact with her though i havent blocked her in fb , now i'm really desperate to be with her just cant control myself i tried to recover myself but couldnt get over her, and im getting thoughts of her with someone else and i really feel soo bad u know i really want to be hers and she is a girl with lot of ego i think even if i try to be back with her she is too proudy to accept me again :'( i really miss her what should i do ?
    • Brad Browning
      Sorry to hear about the breakup. Watch yourself, though...if you're turning desperate and can't seem to get a good command of your emotions (this is why cutting off contact works, it helps you regain yourself) then chances are you're not ready to get her back. People can be their own worst enemies sometimes, and that's what you have to watch out for. Start by concentrating on doing the right things. Start with completing the "No contact" phase. You don't have to block her on Facebook, but if you can't help but keep checking her profile, then I'm afraid your last option may be to actually block her. Watch this: Should You Unfriend Your Ex from Facebook?
  8. Lisa
    So, long story short He broke up with me at our 3 month period because of a bad day we were having, I was very stressed out and I let my own frustration get the best of him. Moving forward since then, 3 months later I have done the no contact period, but then there was a halt when I saw a status that he stated he was feeling attracted and happy with someone , and of course it wasn't me. 2 weeks ago I informed him of the no friend rule ( I used your suggested text of how it is not good for us to be friends. Eventually when we talked about the message ( we attend the same hangout 1 a week) I explained I needed my space and being friends isn't good. I took the test I have an "F" in addition I read your book. Before this, your advice in the videos I will admit I was hot and cold if I ever saw him, when we talked he said "please starting talking to me". Anyway my question is should I start with a clean slate email, casual talk, or the platonic text, or just give up, because he may be falling for someone hard :(.
    • Brad Browning
      I'm not sure if you've done the "no contact" phase correctly since it clashes with how you've suddenly established the "no friend" rule? If you haven't completely cut off contact yet, I suggest you do that first. All right? This phase, based on what you see in the book as well, is the time where you're supposed to have absolutely zero contact with your ex. It's a time to focus on you, which means that this includes not checking up on your ex's whereabouts as well or what he's doing/posting on social media. All right? Be strong! Watch this: Should You Delete Your Ex from Facebook?
  9. september ends
    my no contact phase is about to end now and no sign of any response from her i'm even getting feelings she broke up with me for someone else :( , now what should i do my 1mth is about to end with 4 days , how do i approach her again how do i start talking to her and how do i get her back now ? please help me sir i love her a lot :'( i want her back very badly
  10. shalini
    So me and my ex boyfriend broke up almost 2 weeks ago. It was his decision he told me he was tired of our argues and everything but we were really happy together I don't know why don't wanna talk to me anymore I tried to talk to him 2 times after the breakup but it didn't really work the last time I talk to him he told me that he missed but me but he don't regret his decision of breaking up.. I'm not well at all I really need him in my life I don't know what to do honestly.. Every rim we cross each other's like we never met like we are strangers it hurts so much but in his school I always catch him starring at me.. I didn't act very needy or anything front of him I pretend like everything is okay but it keeps killing me iside I honestly don't what to do please help me before I become such a psycho :(
    • Brad Browning
      Sorry to hear about the breakup, Shalini. I suggest you stop trying to talk to him, though. You may not be acting needy but if you keep trying to force things to happen, like talking to him instead of giving him space, then you're at risk of appearing needy even though that's not your intention. Acting like you're okay, on the other hand, does help. I know it's not easy to do, but it can be done with practice. Okay? Watch this since you still see him around: How to Act Around Your Ex (6 Tips for Handling Post Breakup Encounters) Take care!
    • Brad Browning
      Sorry to hear that. Angry spats/exchanges are pretty common. The key is to cut off contact for at least a month because you really don't have to go through this unnecessary pain, all right? Take care!
  11. Cal
    So my girlfriend broke up with me and it came out of know where.. We had been together since June although in November we had a rough patch she ended up sleeping with someone else in the "heat of the moment" and very much regretted it. She then asked me to be her bf again I said yes however I become a bit paranoid and clingy.. She was saying how much she loves me and only wants me always, She said she needs to be single and I have made the mistake of pouring my heart out to her.. She says she needs me as her best friend and wants me in her life, I'm very confused and can't stop thinking about her, we have text a bit but she has been very blunt, she knew that I was going out last night and after a day or so of the not speaking period she text me this morning asking if had pulled last night and I stupidly replied, and didn't pull and then she replied saying "oh" I really don't know what to do!
    • Brad Browning
      You ought to be not too available when she asked for you back. Accepting her straight away, without even her making amends and without any of you re-evaluation the situation first, had been a recipe for disaster. I may not know your entire story, but most of the time, cheating is driven basically by a rapidly declining (emotional) attraction. Taking her back right away may have caused her to lose respect for you, regardless of whether it happened intentionally or not. So for now, cut off contact for at least a month and do some evaluating of your relationship first, all right? Let her miss you. She may be confused at this time, so stay out of the way and let her think clearly. You need to do the same as well. Okay? You're welcome to join my coaching program if you're unsure how to go about it. Good luck!
  12. Sannit
    Hi, I've been reading the ex factor and it's helping me, we've been a week no contact, she cheated on me and we have a young baby together she just kept saying we'd end up married etc but not now cause her heads not right and I know she's talking to other guys but iv already been so desperate and made all of the mistakes and she literally hates me and says she feels nothing for me, because of the baby I had to tell her we were doing 4 weeks no contact what can I do
    • Brad Browning
      Hello there, sorry to hear about the breakup... but I’m glad you now have the tool to guide you on what to do. Now I know it's difficult (and it's a different challenge all on its own) but try to follow the guide down to a tee, all right? Read it many times over until you master it. What you told me is a bit contradicting though, so did you mean you have to interact because of the baby? Your case is actually an exception to the "no contact" rule, as you can see. It's all in the guide, but watch this for reference as this is what should happen in four weeks: How to Act Around Your Ex. Keep things strictly about your kid now and don't push it, all right? Remember to work on the attractive qualities I wrote on another chapter. Good luck!
  13. Jason
    Hey what's up me and my women broke up we was together 4 yrs it's been about 5 month now I did the no contact she kept coming around she with someone right now but she calls me every morning we even spend the weekend together but she playing the hot and cold game she always asking for money which I don't give her she tells me move on which I can't but she seems to always contact me What should I do
    • Brad Browning
      Try to stand your ground, man and not give her the money -- and see how she acts. I suggest to consider moving on from this since there's a real danger she may be using you as a cash cow, especially if she stops contacting you if you don't give her what she wants (the money). Good luck, man! I hope you find the right woman for you soon!
  14. Alice
    Hi brad, Me and my man r in long distance relationship. I need to know how to make my man to miss me . We are at different time zone exactly 7hrs 30 mins difference . Im so much interested and eager to speak woth him. But he doesnt shows up his interest . Conversation wil be like a normal ones . He doesnt show me priority too. If i make a distance that will attract him to some other . Whats his mentality . What should i do now . Thank u inadvance

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