8 Comments on “Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous”

  1. Darrein
    So me & my ex broke up about a month ago & we've been talking every other day since the break up. She told me she wants me to be a part of her life no matter what. She recently moved out of her parents house into her friends who I believe don't like me. Also she told me to chase & I'm forever yours. But she also plays hot & cold. She said she wants to be friends to see if I've changed along the lines. I'm 21 she's 19 going on 20. What should I do?
  2. Tasha
    Hey, Me & my ex split up around 3 months ago, there was no contact but recently he got in touch with me and apologised, he then just turned up at my house (I moved in after we broke up he remembered my address from a mutual friend giving him it a week after we broke up) he has visited me twice and we talk everyday, he has also admitted he missed me. When we are together it just feels like old times and he thinks this too. Do you think there is a chance we could end up back together?
  3. Mikale
    I'm 19 and i was dating this girl for about 3 to 4 months and things were extremely serious. Me and her were always together and couldn't stop talking and touching each other. The problem is her mom dislikes me fore some reason and she was the one who told my ex that she needs to leave me. We haven't talked in a month and she is always posting negative things about me on social media.
    • Brad Browning
      Her mom may just be overprotective and in this case, I'm sorry but there's really not much you can do here other than to move on. The thing is, it has to be her choice to choose you, and with the circumstances being presented, that may not be possible yet. Perhaps see in a few years time where you're both independent and see what happens? :-) Move on for now. Good luck!
  4. BuildaMan
    Me and my girl broke up just a month ago. Try everything but she refused to talk to me or see me. Just 2 weeks ago was her bday and get some stuff for her which I bought before she dump me. I went there to have them her but she refused but her mom took them and later text me that she accept it and told me to give her space for two months. Last time I check her Facebook she is dating another guy. Calling him my man holding each other's hand. I still love her to death. Should I give up or wait till the two month period. We not contacting each other.

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