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3 Post-Breakup Books You Must Read

Have you recently been through a nasty breakup?  Are you feeling the heartache and emotional anguish that always follow after the end of a romantic relationship?

Fear not, my heartbroken friend — there are resources that will help you get through the pain and move on (or, if applicable, help you get that ex back!).

This post will list off my three must-read books for anyone who has recently been through a breakup or divorce.

Three Recommended Reads Quite Different

These three books are quite different, so keep in mind that it’s likely only one will be suitable for your situation.  But, that said, you should definitely strongly consider investing in the book below that best suits your situation. I promise it will make the next few weeks a lot easier.

Alone In King Sized BedBOOK #1 — “How To Sleep Alone In A King Size Bed” by Theo Pauline Nestor.

I consider this a “must-read” for anyone (male or female) who is going through a divorce or separation.  It’s a heartfelt, emotional, and sometimes amusing book that will make anyone going through a divorce feel like they’re part of a wider community (that’s important, because you can often feel totally alone after a rough divorce).

A remarkably honest book from someone who has clearly been there himself, this is the most entertaining of the three books on this list, and is most likely to fall into the “can’t put it down” category.  It’s a physical book, available from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Breakup BibleBOOK #2 — “The Breakup Bible” by Kevin Kurgansky.

This is, as the title suggests, a “bible” for those who are suffering through a nasty breakup.  Written by a very understanding and compassionate author who coaches recently-separated couples on how to move on with life after a breakup, it’s jam-packed with useful advice and uplifting guidance.

Unlike the previous recommendation, this book is not a story, nor is it a paperback novel.  It’s actually an e-book, which is nice because it allows you to begin reading from the comfort of your own home within two minutes of buying it!

I have previously written a review of this e-book, which you can read here.  You can also learn more or grab your copy by clicking here.

Text Your Ex Back bookBOOK #3 — “Text Your Ex Back” by Michael Fiore. 

This one is only for people want to start over with their ex after a breakup.  If you are in this category, and want to get back together with an ex lover, then you are almost certain to find this book helpful.

Like Kurgansky’s book mentioned above, this is an e-book, and it also includes several bonus items which are available (along with the book itself) immediately after purchasing it.

The author, Michael Fiore, is a breakup guru who has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including “The Rachel Ray Show,” a hit TV series.  Fiore will coach you through the process, step by step, of rekindling your broken relationship and rebuilding a new life with your ex.

Read my review of this book here or visit Fiore’s official website to get a copy(His website also has a free video with some useful tips and advice to get you started — watch the video by clicking here.)

Honorable mentions:

Good luck, hopefully you’ll find happiness around the next corner!

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Brad Browning, BA, is the world’s premiere breakup & marriage coach. Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide, a program that teaches men and women how to win back their ex lovers, has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Brad has also released a similar program called Mend The Marriage that teaches married couples how to revitalize the spark, romance, and desire that’s been long forgotten. To top it all off, Brad’s YouTube channel has over 50 thousand subscribers and almost 7 million views, making his videos the most-watched and liked videos on YouTube!
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