Does Your Ex Want A Second Chance?

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We’ve all been there at one time or another. Thinking of the one that got away. Is there a chance your ex wants to get back together? Possibly. That depends on the way they are behaving toward you.

Men may be more forward in their intentions, though there are just as many women who make blunt passes. Understanding your ex is the best way to unravel their true meaning.

Electronic Communication

Lonely man walking on along beachWe live in a world where much of our interaction relies on the internet or other electronic communication methods. Have a mobile phone? You more than likely have texting included in the data plan.

One very common way people get in touch with their ex is via text message. Often the messages are during an episode of depression, regret, and are fueled by alcohol.

This happens so often that there are entire websites devoted to this type of texting.

However, the texts may be innocent in nature. For example if an ex is checking to see how you are, how your family is, or constantly shares news, this could be a strong hint that they want to work things out. The same can be said for emails and messages over social media.

Unsure woman receiving a phone callCalls

Receiving calls from your ex? If they call you to discuss inconsequential things, make small talk, or become nostalgic — that is a clear hint that they might just want to get back together. Late night calls while drowning sorrows isn’t the best hint, rely on it only if they’re in their normal full mental faculties.

That being said, talking to your ex can be good for you both. Getting past old hurts, forging new friendship, and possibly a new relationship can stem from phone conversations.


No, not in a creepy, stalker way. If that happens, you’re better off filing for a restraining order instead of trying to figure out hints.

An ex that shows up from time to time at places they know you’ll be might be hinting that they miss you. Calling to ask if they can come over is yet another. Hey, you know how irresistible you are, can you blame them?


Probably the most blunt ways your ex can ask for you back, outside of blatant asking, is with gifts. It doesn’t matter what occasion, gifts from an ex are usually a surefire sign of their intention. Unless it’s something from one of those websites that sell revenge gifts. If you get one of those its safe to say they’re through.

One thing to consider if your ex is sending gifts, how comfortable are you with them?

There are situations where keeping them can give the wrong idea. If you’d rather not get back together, keeping the gifts is leading your ex on and could result in a worse problem.

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  1. Eleanor
    Eleanor says:

    Dear Brad… I’ve been really taken in by your articles…they are extremely interesting and are helping me… 3 weeks ago my boyfriend after six wonderful years together decides to leave me…I’m still completely 💔💔 devastated…I’m finding it very difficult to move on… But I’m trying… I go to work with a happy face and swim and just try not to think… He left me by phone…he was crying and sounded extremely upset and said it cannot go on because he has too much on at the moment with work etc. which is true but I ask myself why break with me? Since then he has messaged me…I reply but much much later…. I was keen on NC and had managed one week until I dropped my phone and it sent a voice message by mistake (you could only hear the tv) so we got chatting again via text and I sent him all funny things and we joked around… He ended it all with..I hope you find happiness…😔😔😔😔😔 so here I am again….💔😢 I’m going back to NC and have wiped him off my chat … Any ideas? Thanks Eleanor

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Give it enough time first and let him really miss you. A weeks is barely enough. I suggest to still give it a shot because your best bet is to employ the 30-day rule and yes, it will work in a sense where you BOTH will get to clear your mind to be in a better position to deal with each other when the time comes — instead of letting emotions overrule everything, risking things to get blown out of proportion even further. Makes sense? But will no contact ALONE work to get your ex back? Sometimes it does, but other times (especially if your situation is unique) it won’t, because the no contact phase is only part one of the three-step process I teach in my Ex Factor Guide. Learn the basics here: How To Get Your Ex Back (Step-By-Step Guide To Reversing A Breakup)
      I also made a quick vid to those who are seemingly lost and could use a reminder on what to do: Want Your Ex Back? Stop Thinking About Them! (Psychological Warfare).

  2. Girl
    Girl says:

    hi brad , thank you so much for helping me to get my ex back 🙂 me and my ex broke in january 2016. Asusual like others do, i also did mistakes contacting my ex after breakup. but everything in vain. then only i got to know about ur website by random search in net . After reading ur article , i maintain no contact period. Mine is a distant relationship. met in college and in love for 5 yrs. Now he came back (its been 4 days ) to me asking i need u . i cant live without you . but he is not spending time with me as he is in different time zone (6 30 hrs ahead). He says dont irritate me i dont have time bcoz i only should do all the works here (from cooking to cleaning house). I feel there is lack of love in our relationship. I am afraid that he might dump me again . not even calls (only first 2 days he was eager to talk ). he might be returning back to our country this month or may be next . should i maintain no contact period? how to rekindle my relationship ? did i done mistake by expressing my love and longiness for him ? please help me !! but he is saying i love u more so only i came back to yu!!

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Hi there! You’re welcome! Your ex coming back to you is a good sign, and while it’s not fair to expect things to get back to normal right away, I agree that his behaviour is certainly a bit off. The fact that it’s a long distance relationship may have a lot to do with it, though. Was this a predominantly long distance relationship? Looking back, how often did you two get to spend time together IN PERSON while in a relationship? Distance is known to take its toll in long distance relationships, so it’s important to look at that factor. Whatever the case, I suggest you leave him be for now and let him reach out to you, okay? Give him the benefit of the doubt and time to adjust. Sign up for my coaching program so I can help take a look at all the other factors at play and find out what’s really going on, monitor your situation, and guide you on a regular, ongoing basis. Take care!

      • Girl
        Girl says:

        thank u brad 😊 yes v will b meeting up twice or thrice a year . If he come and meet me in person he would make me to feel special and i could see old love in him . ok for time being i will be quiet . sure i will signup for coaching program . i am so thankful to u 😊

  3. alynn
    alynn says:

    Hi Brad! Thank you so much for your vdo and e-mail.
    My story goes like this…
    My bf cut me off due to my jealousy. He was fed up with it. Out of the blue, he told me he didn’t want the relationship anymore. His heart loves me but his brain sees no future between us. I understand him. I was so negative and too jealous. However, we had good memories. I’m his first serious relationship. He’s 21 while I’m 25. Now he’s in germany while I’m in thailand but I’ll be back in Germany soon. Anyway, on the break up day, he told me to do NC for a week otherwise we couldn’t end this. He said I’ll be better after a week and we’d become friends. He wants to keep in touch and he thinks that friendship is the best for us.

    A week passed, I intiated the contact. He talked to me nicely but kept it in friend-zone. In the end I started to say I miss you. I love you. He went silent. After that I told myself I won’t start to contact him again. Instead, I sent him thai snacks that he likes. 2 of them for his family and the rest (7) for him. On each snack I put little encouraging note as he’s having the exams.

    Only 3 days after NC, he sent me the music he played and told me about it. I didn’t read his msg yet. I waited for 2 days then replied. He started to ask how I am doing and what I have done the past few days. We talked but I kept the distance. I let him know that I’m grateful that we have our space and my life has moved on so well and how happy I am.
    He was glad and gave me encourage. That’s it. I didn’t start a bew conversation. I’ll wait till he got my package.

    During the break up, I’ve read so many good books and have improved myself in many ways. I can say that I’m changed and garuntee that who is my bf that person is the luckiest and happiest man on earth LOL

    On Valentine’s I’ll send him his portrait that I drew by myself, letters that I fold into little fold. On each fold, I wrote a date and 2-3 sentences about that date if it’s special or wrote encouraging notes. He’ll read each fold a day from Valentine’s till the 12th of March. That’s the last date and I wrote my contact on it.

    Anyway, what’s your opinion towards my story? Do you believe that he’ll be back and start a new relationship with me? Thank you so much!

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Hi there, Alynn. Please refer to the advice I gave you through email. I always go by in the order that I receive them so please be patient, and I will reply if I haven’t already. As far as your comment here goes, I would really love to help, but as what I’ve been telling anyone who posts super long comments, please try to keep your post short. I only have limited time to give free advice since obviously my coaching clients take first priority, and I’m trying to cover as many comments as possible. Feel free to sign up for my coaching program so I can prioritize your situation instead. Thanks for understanding!

  4. Brad Browning
    Brad Browning says:

    Hi Matthew, while your ex is giving good signs, it’s equally important that you’ve somehow taken the time to realize why your breakup happened in the first place. It takes two to make a relationship work and two to break it, so I don’t believe it is solely one person’s fault. Take this time and try to see if your issues are something which can be resolved. When you do come back, try to arrange for a friendly get together. Remember to get a hold of your emotions and not stir up any drama. Never ask for her back as this is a mistake that many people do. There is simply no way of talking your ex back into a relationship because attraction is built naturally and organically. Get my guide so you’ll know how to go about this.

  5. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Hey Brad,
    I broke up with my gf two weeks ago after a 3.5 years of relationship. She said to me that her love for me was fading because I couldn’t understand the stress and workload that she goes through everyday. She wants a man that could cheer her up and give her good advice, as a result she couldn’t share her inner feelings with me. She wanted to go on a break about six months ago, but I didn’t want to – and just recently she said that she thought it through and is firm with her decision. It was funny how this time when she declare breakup she wasn’t too sad about it compared to the first time – yes there were tears but she help cheer me up even more cause she knew it was devastating for me. Just last week, I text her and said happy birthday – she replied immediately said thank you and ask about my status – like how i’m doing after the breakup, and when am I coming back to my hometown. She also kept saying I’m sorry – I did this to you, but if I didn’t and move on we might divorce in the future. I ended the convo fast and didn’t say anything after that. I’m coming back within a week, and I am planning to meet up with her for coffee – and catch up on things. Do you think I still have a chance? She said that she could never find another guy as good as me, and plus I think her friends like me – even though I’m not super close to them, but I know them pretty well. I think over the years of dating her – I lost my man power, I loved her too much and gave in to everything she wanted.


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