25 Signs A Guy Likes You

Can’t figure out if that guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you back? Obviously, you don’t want to ask him. That would make for awkward conversation… and it might totally ruin the great dynamic you two have!

Borat meme

You could be as upfront as Borat! But that may not work…

It can be nerve wracking (but fun) figuring out if someone likes you more than just a friend.

In the dating world, signals that indicate someone is interested in you are called IOI’s or “Indicators of Interest.” And to be honest, there’s an endless list of these signals, but in this article, I’ve compiled the top 25 indicators that he’s totally interested in you. [RELATED: What Men Want In A Woman]

1.  He wants to talk to you. A lot. He goes out of his way to start conversations with you.

2.  He looks at you a lot. Men are visually-driven, and men want to look at what they like. Cars, guitars, and believe it or not, girls are things men love looking at. [RELATED: 12 Signs He Is The One For You]

3.  He touches you. The next time you’re chatting with this fellow, take note how much he touches you. If he’s touching you – especially in the arm area – it means that he’s physically attracted to you.

4.  He finds excuses to spend time with you. Alone.

5.  He asks you questions that no other guy asks you. Yes, they may be questions that are a little more private such as, “So what are you doing tonight?”

6.  He’s a little nervous around you. If you can sense he’s being a little awkward and nervous around you, it means that he cares about what you think of him. Translation: he wants you!

7.  He teases you. He treats you like a little sister at times.

8.  He calls you for no reason at all. If he call you to chat, it means he’s thinking about you when you’re not around. This is a big one. [RELATED: What To Do On A First Date]

9.  He tries to make you laugh. And when he does, does he sometimes fail miserably? That means he’s trying really, really hard to please you. This is another big sign.

10. He shows off to you. Men are biologically hard-wired to show off when they’re interested in a woman. It’s like when peacocks mate; male peacocks flare their feathers almost as if to say, “Hey! Look how cool and awesome I look!”

11. He protects and defends you. Getting in an argument with a friend? If he takes your side, then it’s either he agrees with your point (or he just likes you).

12. He texts your, e-mails you, and Facebooks you. Enough said.

13. He says your name in conversation a lot. He likes saying your name.

14. He gives you a nickname. This goes along with teasing you, but if he gives you a nickname, it means he’s putting his sort of mark on you.

15. He asks what your interests are. And not only that, but he wants to talk about your interests with you. He wants to share a passion with you.

16. He wants to share music with you. Does he give you his left headphone piece to you when he’s listening to his iPod? Sharing music is like sharing a part of you. He wants you to enjoy his music, he wants you on his side.

guy whispering something to hot girl

Does he try and make you laugh? Probably a good indication he’s into you…

17. He remembers the little things. Yes, unlike most guys out there that have a memory span of 4 seconds, this guy actually remember what your favorite color is, what your favorite number is, and what your middle name is. Unless he’s got a photographic memory, this sort of recall is a sign that he likes you.

18. He talks about you to his friends. If you know for a fact that he’s talking about you, then it couldn’t be more obvious. He may be talking to even one of your friends about you!

19. When he’s talking to you, he faces directly towards you. He’s square and is looking directly at you.

20. He touches his face. Yes, it’s kind of a sign of nervousness… but if he’s touching his face when he’s around you it means that he’s a bit “off”.

21. He invites you to hang out with him. If he wants to spend some time with you… you get the picture.

22. He leans in to you when he’s talking to you. Yes, if he’s talking to you and he’s moving closer towards you while he’s speaking, it means he likes you. The best indicator is when he chooses to whisper something really close to your ear.

23. He checks you out. So, maybe you decided to wear something really sexy that day. Does he look at you differently?

24. He asks you out. Obvious much? [RELATED: Fun Dating Ideas]

25. He tries to be intimate with you. Yes, if he tries to kiss you… I mean, the rest is pretty obvious!

Okay, so the last two were pretty darn obvious. But there you have it. So the next time you two talk to each other, keep this list in the back of your head!

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  1. Sara Plam
    Sara Plam says:

    I began to like a guy who is quiet close friend of one of my other friend. Problem is now through our daily conversation i began to love him. I knw he does the same.At the same time my closest friend also loves him.
    I m really confused wt to do next???.
    He’s bsy in study.We r not getting time to discuss on it
    Day to day this generic feeling is growing 🙁
    How to convience my friend aboutball this???
    I’m helpless 🙁

  2. Georgia S.
    Georgia S. says:

    I’m trying to date this guy that I can’t seem to crack. He’s not your typical guy. I know that this lists pretty much sums up all of the signs… but this guy is just really, really shy around everyone. Any way you can help me crack this case?


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