Reader Question: "How To Seduce My Teacher…"

“Hey Derek. I’m a third year psychology student and my new prof is smoking hot! She’s what I call a huge milf. I want to learn how to seduce her and, hopefully, earn some extra credits if you know what I mean. Any tips on how to do this? She’s totally hot!” – Ben V., NJ

Hey Ben! Thanks for your question.

Yes, this is a question I actually get a lot more often than you think. Seducing your teacher is pretty much the same as seducing anyone, but you have to make it so that she won’t feel guilty doing anything.

First, you got to read my article on how to seduce a woman properly. See, the thing is with teachers, police officers, cheerleaders, whatever, is that they’re all women. And women, believe it or not, want to be seduced. They want to feel attractive. And they want to have
tilfs-so-hot-teacher_a2 sex. This is very important to note moving forward.

However, there are indeed complications when it comes to seducing women in position of power. First of all, you have to assume that for some women, they won’t do anything that will put their careers in jeopardy, as much as they’re attracted to you. So if there is anything different about seducing a professor over any other woman is that you must be quiet about it. Yes, being discreet is the name of the game here.

After you’ve read my tips on how to pick up and seduce women, then I want you to find any excuse to see her, one on one. Ask her for private help. Does she have office hours? Go during a time when it’s quiet and you know no other student is there to interfere.

Once you’ve met up with her, it’s time to turn up the charm. Seduce her. First, talk about how much you enjoy her classes and then ask her for specific help. Then start flirting with her. Touch her lightly, and casually. Joke around with her. Make her feel like she’s having fun while being with you.

Observe her body language. Does she feel uncomfortable with your touch? Or is she open to you touching her. If you sense that she feels okay with this, then really plow forward and continue trying to turn her on. Don’t move too quickly. During the first one on one, I suggest you don’t make anything rash decisions, just have fun. You can further seduce her in your subsequent visits to her office.

The next step is to try and set up a date outside of her office or classroom. Ask her if she would want to discuss your schooling at a coffee shop, or, if you’re bold, over dinner. Ask her if she’ll meet you in the library for some one on one fun. There are endless possibilities her. Remember, have fun!

If you do sense that she is feeling uncomfortable with all of this, then stop immediately. You don’t want to put your grades and student life in peril for this!


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