Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Is it his birthday? Anniversary? Is it Christmas?

Maybe you’re just feeling like you’re in the giving mood and want to get him something nice. What a great lady, you are!

It can be tough to buy gifts for some guys, so don’t feel bad that you can’t think of anything. First of all, you aren’t a guy so you don’t know what they really want, but I can tell you that it’s easy once you categorize the type of guy he is.

But here’s another tip right off that bat: guys don’t like a bunch of “smaller gifts,” so don’t give him a gift basket full of paperweights and pencils. Instead, get him one big gift. Studies show that giving one amazing gift is much more appreciated than several “littler” ones.

Let’s start by asking the big questions.

Different types of E-readers

E-readers are relatively inexpensive and are awesome gifts!

What Are His Interests?

You probably thought about this already, but here are some more tips! Is he a gadget guy? Does he like electronic devices? Most guys do. I know, I know, electronic devices can be expensive (especially if he’s one of those Apple freaks), but there are actually a ton of electronic devices that you can get him without completely vacating your bank account. 

Look at E-readers (Amazon Kindles or Kobo E-Readers are some of the more popular ones). They’re relatively inexpensive for what you get, and your guy will probably love them. Important note: guys that are nerdy in this sort of way are very picky with gadgets — make sure you do your research before buying one of these gifts!

Is he sort of a handy man? Does he like to fix things? If he is, then lucky you — getting him some sort of tool would be something he’d love (and you might benefit directly from it!).

Or maybe he’s more of an artistic savant! Does he like music, art, or photography? A simple Google search will probably help you out.

Is he into exercising, weightlifting, or playing some sort of sport? Go to your local sporting goods store and I promise you that there will be a ton of things that will get your attention (for cheap, too).

What Do You Two Like Doing TOGETHER?

Surely when you two got together, there were some mutual interests that were the reason why. Maybe you two really enjoyed watching operas or going to concerts (in that case, get him tickets to one of these venues).

How about tickets to a sporting event? Not only will he love you for getting him this, but you’ll also be able to enjoy yourself as well! And more time spent together at fun and exciting events is healthy for your relationship!

Smiling woman holding a gift

Get him something that he’ll remember!

Be Thoughtful … Think Back

Do you remember a really special experience you two shared when you first met? Maybe you had a first date at a particular restaurant and then went to a fantastic show.

Re-enact that moment! Make sure the night is really special.

It’s gifts like these that will really bring you two closer together!

Do Something A Little Extra In The Bed

Okay, this section is more for the PG audience …

But try being extra adventurous during your “night time escapades.” Buy a toy and do a seductive performance for him. Buy some super sexy lingerie, turn on some music, and do a strip-tease for him. Play out a fantasy for him.

Extend foreplay for a much longer amount of time. Do what he wants you to do, then take it a step further. Don’t be afraid — be confident and let him know that you think he’s ultra-sexy. This is a psychological gift that just can’t be matched! Ask any guy.

Take A Short Road Trip

There are ways you can travel inexpensively, especially if it’s just a short road trip somewhere!

Take him on an all expenses paid two-day road trip to somewhere romantic — a place that he always wanted to go to, maybe. Make sure you spend a lot of quality time together. Put some creativity into this! The possibilities here are limitless.

What NOT To Get

Bad gifts can be categorized two ways:the first kind of bad gifts are ones that he just doesn’t like. Hint: most guys don’t really like gifts that are easily consumable. Sure, he’s going to love the steak you’ll cook for him, but once it’s gone, it’s easily forgotten and over with. Get him something that he’ll enjoy for a while.

The second type of “bad gifts” are gifts that he’ll spend much too much time with. Does he have an addictive personality? Does he already play video-games way too much?

Maybe getting him that new Call of Duty or Final Fantasy game might not be the best gift to give him. Sure, he’ll love it, but it might adversely put a roadblock in your relationship!



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