REVIEW: "The Ex Factor Guide" by Brad Browning

Ex Factor Book for Women - Brad BrowningBrad Browning, a certified counselor with ten years experience helping real couples fix their broken relationships, has finally released The Ex Factor Guide.

This comprehensive program offers a step-by-step guide for people who want to get back together with their ex, revealing dozens of sneaky psychological tactics that will break down his defense mechanisms and eventually make him or her miss you enough to suggest getting back together.

This 100% digital program, which also includes audio and video components and two bonus e-books, is sold online at Brad’s website for the very reasonable cost of $47.

This program is long overdue. Of all the programs on getting back your ex, the Ex Factor Guide is the most thorough, most comprehensive, and offers the best value. Brad Browning is undoubtedly a top expert in the field and men and women who follow his advice have a very good chance of winning back their ex.

Overall Rating:  97%

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  • Comprehensive & in-depth
  • Simple, easy to understand
  • Extremely effective & helpful advice
  • Backed by research, proven system
  • Professionally written & presented
  • Extremely good value
  • 100% digital (instant access)
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Must pay by Credit Card or PayPal
  • English language only
  • Audio course is similar to the e-book

To begin with, let me make one thing clear:  most “get your ex back” programs sold on the internet today are almost identical to one another. They advise readers not to contact their ex for a month, then start communication slowly, and so forth. The Ex Factor Guide, a new program from relationship expert Brad Browning, is an exception… it doesn’t follow the same formula as every other program. Instead, this guide offers a step-by-step roadmap that men and women can follow to slowly but surely get their ex to fall for them again.

The Ex Factor Guide will walk you through the process of turning the tables and getting him to want and desire you again.

Why is The Ex Factor superior to every other program I’ve reviewed so far? Well, to begin with, it’s because the author, Brad Browning, actually knows what he’s talking about.

When you begin reading the first chapter, it’s easy to see that Brad has done his homework and really taken the time to develop techniques that  a) work on all men and women in all situations; and  b) leave no “what ifs” or unanswered questions that might prevent you from successfully getting your ex back into your life.

Brad Browning

Brad Browning, author of The Ex Factor Guide

The core of the program, a professionally-produced and very well-written e-book, is about 120 pages in length (as of this review – Brad is apparently continually adding new sections, so it may be longer and more in-depth by the time you read this).  The book is divided into logical sections, beginning with advice on what you should do immediately after you and your ex  broke up, and walking you through the process of turning the tables and getting him or her to want and desire you again.

If it’s been a few weeks (or even months) since you broke up with your ex, don’t worry… The Ex Factor Guide addresses almost every possible scenario, regardless of how much damage you’ve already done in trying to get your ex back.  (That said, I always recommend buying a program like Brad’s immediately after breaking up to ensure you the very best chance of success). Brad also discusses ways you can get back in your ex’s “good books” if he or she is already ignoring you or telling you that he or she doesn’t love you anymore.

Brad claims a success rate of 90% — meaning that 9 out of 10 people who follow his advice end up getting back together with their ex.  While claims like this are usually pretty questionable, I’d suggest that Brad is actually being 100% honest… if you do apply his covert psychological techniques exactly as he advises in the program, there’s almost no way your ex will be able to resist the urge to get back together with you.

This is where Brad’s program really gets good, because unlike most “get your ex back” guides out there, his methods are 100% covert and undercover. Follow his advice and you’ll slowly sow the seeds of attraction and romance in the back of your ex’s mind. The result, of course, is that your ex will slowly develop a desire to get you back — and probably even become convinced that it was his or her idea to get back together in the first place!

“It’s not just about getting back together, it’s about getting back together and living happily ever after.”

What I love about Brad’s general philosophy is that he believes in re-building a stronger, healthier, more trusting relationship with your ex… it’s not just about getting back together, it’s about getting back together and living happily ever after. After all, as Brad wisely points out, there’s no point in getting back together with your ex  if you’re just going to end up breaking up again a month or a year down the road.

So, we’ve established that The Ex Factor Guide is definitely effective and contains extremely valuable information that will help you win back your ex. But is it worth the money? Does the program itself offer good value?

At the time of writing this review, Brad is offering a special promotion where you can get his entire Ex Factor program for a one-time payment of $47.  Given the outstanding information in the book and the fact that this program offers you a great chance of winning back your ex, I’d say that it’s worth WAY more than $47… so yes, it’s great value!

What else do you get (in addition to the main e-book which I just discussed) Brad has also included an audio course (for those of us who hate reading, you can listen to all of Brad’s program on your iPod, in the car, etc) and a video series (several in-depth videos covering relevant topics and offering some new info that’s not in the book or anywhere else on the web).

Lastly, in addition to the e-book, the audio, and the video series, Brad also includes two bonus e-books… one is a ridiculously comprehensive fitness guide to help you sculpt your body and refresh your image, and the other is a lengthy e-book on how to use the power of text messages to help win back your ex . I found the second bonus item to be particularly valuable, as it offers a huge variety of text messages that you can send to your ex word-for-word to get him or her thinking about you and craving your touch again.  If your ex is the type to send text messages, then this bonus item is worth the cost of the program on its own!

As with several other top-rated “get your ex back” programs, The Ex Factor Guide is a purely digital product, meaning you get access within 2 minutes of placing your order online.  Brad uses ClickBank, the world’s leading digital product retailer, to process payments. This ensures that all orders are secure and that Brad will never be able to see your credit card or billing details, since it’s locked away in ClickBank’s encrypted ordering system.

Brad Browning also offers the best money-back guarantee we’ve seen to date, guaranteeing that if his program somehow doesn’t help you get your ex back, you can get an instant 100% refund with no questions asked. In other words, you can’t really lose buying The Ex Factor Guide, since you’re either going to get your ex back or you’re going to get your money back! (To be fair, if his program doesn’t help you win your ex  back, you probably failed to follow his advice anyway!)

In conclusion, this is the best guide to getting your ex  back that we’ve ever reviewed… and should be required reading for anybody who wants to turn the tables on their ex. If any program is going to be able to help you wipe the slate clean and allow you to re-build a healthy and loving relationship with your ex, it’s The Ex Factor Guide.

(By the way, Brad also has a great (free!) video that offers some juicy advice that will kick-start your efforts to change your ex’s mind and make him come running back. Click here to check out Brad’s free video presentation.)

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