` How to Get Any Guy to Commit Exclusively to You - Amy North
"I'm not looking for a relationship. I’m just not ready for commitment."

^^ Does that sound familiar to you?

I don’t think there’s a woman alive who hasn’t heard these dreaded words.

It gets the mind running in all directions…

"Why won’t he commit? What's wrong with me?"

And often, a guy doesn’t even need to say it, right? How he treats you and makes you feel says it all.

Flakey, cancelling on you all the time, not replying to texts, flirting with other girls… actions really do speak louder than words sometimes.

Oh, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard a guy say he isn’t ready for a commitment, only to see the EXACT SAME guy go into a committed, long-term relationship with the very next girl he meets.

Seeing all those other women in committed, lasting relationships only makes it worse.

They’re no more beautiful, no more intelligent. So how do they do it...?

By saying and doing the right things to awaken their man’s bonding instincts.

Let me explain.

The Proven Science Behind Why Men Avoid Commitment
(Even When They Really Like You!)

Men are hardwired, their brains pre-programed, to respond to commitment in a very specific, biological way.*

They can’t help it. They get it from their cavemen ancestors (some of them kept the hairy backs too!).

And those other women you see locking arms, sharing deep connections in ‘eyes-only-for-you’ relationships, they’ve tapped into this thousand-year-old primal psychology of their men (usually without realizing it!).

So why am I getting all scientific with you? Men are meant to be simple, right? Us ladies, we’re supposed to be the complex ones!

Here’s why…

It’s a GOOD Thing Your Man is Biologically Designed to Resist Commitment!*

The fact that men’s biological default position is to resist commitment is a GOOD thing.

"Huh? How is that a good thing?"

Hear me out...

Because all men have this natural, in-built resistance to commitment, it means there are simple, psychological techniques that work on almost any man to...

  • Reverse his fear of commitment...
  • Make him naturally and effortlessly promise his future to you...
  • And love you so powerfully he’ll be spellbound just being in the same room as you.

And this isn’t some scientific textbook mumbo jumbo.

As a relationship coach, I’ve seen these techniques used on thousands of men. Even the most commitment-phobic guys. You know the ones, ladies, we’ve all met them…

And let me just say, when I talk about commitment, we’re not talking snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix every now and then type of commitment, but a powerful OBSESSION where you’re running through his mind almost every moment of the day.

I’ll give you access to these techniques in a moment. But first, to take the first steps to getting your man to commit exclusively to you, there are three things you MUST know about men.

These will probably surprise, and maybe even shock you…


Most Men WANT to Be in a Committed Relationship!

^^ Whoa, talk about a bombshell!

But I promise you it’s true.

Deep down men WANT to be in a secure, committed relationship filled with deep intimacy and a spiritual connection as much as women do. If not more. It’s just their default biological position to resist it.*

Yeah, I know. Hard to believe... especially when we’re conditioned by the media and our society in general to believe all men want a different girl every night.

The problem is, few men will admit they want to find that one special girl to be his best friend and partner.

Some will hide it to avoid getting hurt. Others because they don’t want to come across as 'soft' or 'needy'.

So, what happens, which frustrates the hell out of us ladies, is this desire for commitment stays buried deep down inside.

Unless, of course, you know how to bring it out!


Men Need Very Specific Things to Commit to a Woman

I know what you’re thinking… "It’s all about looks."

But that’s just what we’ve been tricked into thinking. It’s so much more than that. Here, I’ll explain.

For women, commitment comes automatically once we spend time with a guy, especially once we’ve been intimate with them. Our brains naturally release hormones that form a committed bond with our man.

But for men, their brains don’t work like that (here I go again with science, ladies!).

Most men need very specific things to powerfully commit to a woman with their whole heart. Extra emotional ingredients that produce the desire that ignites their male bonding instincts.*

It can can be as simple as knowing exactly what to say to your man.

A sneaky set of phrases that I like to call my "Devotion Sequence".

These are simple phrases that create a powerful 'love elixir' that hits any man’s deepest, most primal emotional needs, flipping his inner commitment switch almost instantly.

And let me tell you... there’s nothing like discovering exactly what to say to your man to give his his heart everything it biologically desires to commit only to you. You’ll begin to experience an almost dangerous level of control over him. So be careful...

OK, by now, you might be thinking:

"Yeah, sure... this might work on some guys, but my situation is different."

...which brings us to point number three...


Commitment is a Decision Anyone Can Make*

Maybe he’s telling you he’s not the commitment type. Or worse, you’re telling yourself this!

But know this... it’s NOT TRUE!

Commitment is a decision that ANYONE can make.*

Sure, there are biological reasons that go into the decision. But what you need to understand when it comes to guys and commitment is… any man can commit.

The bad boy who’s never been in a relationship, the guy coming out of a nasty break-up and swears he’ll never commit again, the man of your dreams you’ve been dating for years but just won’t commit… ANYONE.*

Now, you can’t make the decision for them (I wish!), but you can follow proven methods that subconsciously tap into your man’s desires and get him to commit to you like never before.

How to Get Your Man to Commit Starting Today
(You’ll Wish You Started Yesterday!)

Now you know your man not committing to you is no simple thing (like you didn’t know already!).

You’re not just dealing with his feelings here, you’re coming up against centuries of biological hardwiring and primal instincts. That’s no easy battle to win!

It takes very specific emotion-triggering techniques to kickstart your man’s potent bonding instincts.

To make him feel a level of desire for you beyond love and lead him to be so addicted to you that he finds himself dreaming about you all day long.

The proven techniques needed are remarkably simple.

And once you learn them you won’t believe how easy it is to get any guy to commit to you with a raw emotional power like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Ready to discover these proven commitment techniques?*

Then I invite you to watch my brief video presentation right now (it's completely free!).

  • If you’re struggling to get your man to go from 'dating' to a deep, committed connection...
  • If you long for love and desire that’s so powerful it’s almost overwhelming...
  • If you’ve tried to get your man to commit over and over again...

...Then watching my free video tutorial will be one of the most important relationship and life decisions you’ll make.

Enjoy the video and I can’t wait to see you in a loving, committed relationship for years to come…

All the best,

Amy North

Amy North