7 Ways To Fall In Love Again After A Break Up

First things first. If you want to fall in love after a hard and depressing breakup, you’re going to first have to come to terms with it. That means you need to fully accept the breakup, no matter how much you miss him or her.

I know, this is much easier said than done, but you just need to recognize that this is what you need to do.

There’s nothing I can say to you right now that will make you magically forget your ex, but there are certain things you must do if you ever want to fall in love with another person again. Here’s a short list of things that you must do:

1. Avoid Thinking About Your Ex

You’ve got to make sure that whatever you do, your ex is on the back of your mind, not the front.  Not speaking or communicating with your ex is the obvious thing to do, but you’ll also want to pick up a new hobby or hang out with friends.

Friends gathering together2. Meet Other People

Men, women, it doesn’t matter. You just need to make sure that you’re putting forth a good effort to expand your social horizons.

I know it can be tough, especially if you’re introverted or just not the talkative type in public. Break out of your shell a little more! You’ve got to leave the house with the attitude that you’re likeable. Nobody is going to like you if you don’t think anyone is going to like you.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Dating

Yes, going on dates is the best way of moving on. Men, don’t worry about going out and searching for a one night stand. If you think it’s going to help you get over that girl, then so be it.

Women, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort shell and be a little daring. Ask a guy out on a date! Be a little flirty!

It helps if you know what women look for in a man, or, if you’re a woman, what men think is attractive.

4. Find Your Second Passion

Along the lines of #1, you need to find something new that you are passionate about. Have you ever wanted to do something but never got a chance to do it? Is it money, time, or are you just too scared? Now is the best time to do it and enjoy life. Don’t worry about anything else. Take the plunge!

5. Rededicate Yourself to Your Work

Is there something extra you could be doing in school or your work? I know, the absolute last thing you want to do right now is do your work, but maybe it’s not such a bad idea to do so.

After you inevitably get over your breakup, you’re going to think back and say to yourself, “Boy, I wasted a lot of time.” Don’t let that happen! If you can, try and refocus your energy into something positive.

6. Join a Charity Organization

Do you believe in karma? Do you believe that good deeds that you do now will somehow pay for itself in the future? Personally, I don’t really think of things this way, but doing good deeds is a great way to feel better about yourself. 

Have you ever made someone feel really happy? How did you feel after that? Not only will this help you like yourself more, you’ll be able to meet a lot of really cool people on the way.

7. Give Everyone a Fair Chance

I know you probably have a “type” of person that you could ideally fall in love with, but that doesn’t mean you should burn your bridges. Take a chance! Roll the dice on that person who really likes you. Who knows what could happen?

So there you have it, seven things you can do to optimize your chances of falling in love with another person again.

Until next time, LoveLearnings fans!

About Brad Browning

Brad Browning, BA, is the world’s premiere breakup & marriage coach. Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide, a program that teaches men and women how to win back their ex lovers, has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Brad has also released a similar program called Mend The Marriage that teaches married couples how to revitalize the spark, romance, and desire that’s been long forgotten. To top it all off, Brad’s YouTube channel has over 50 thousand subscribers and almost 7 million views, making his videos the most-watched and liked videos on YouTube!
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