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guy texting on his phone

What To Text A Guy You Like

Wondering how to text a guy you like? Wondering how to flirt via text or why he ignores your messages? Use these sneaky texting tactics to drive any man wild with desire.

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How To Find Mr. Right

Trying to find your soulmate? I’ll tell you how to recognize him when he does show up and what you need to do to make it happen.


Why Do Men Send Drunk Texts?

Many men text when they’re drunk but what does it mean? How should you respond? Here’s what they’re thinking.


Make Men Desire You (Like Crazy)

You can make a man wild with desire with just one simple sentence. Whether its in person or over text, these words are guaranteed to make his heart pound.


The Best Dating App For Women in 2020

Dating apps open up a whole new world of possibilities. But what’s the best dating app for women? Believe it or not, one dating app stands above the rest.


Ghosting: Why Men Disappear

Sick of dates that lead nowhere? Done with men who disappear without a trace? I’ll tell you why men ghost you and how to prevent it from happening again.

dating your friend

How To Go From Friends To Dating

So you’ve been hanging out with a cute guy. He’s smart, he’s funny, and you’re super comfortable around him. There’s only one problem… You’re just friends. Here’s a foolproof method for making the jump from friends to dating in just a few weeks. How To Go From Friends To Dating Believe it or not, it’s […]

making him jealous

Text A Guy THIS To Make Him Jealous

Did you know you can make a guy jealous with just a single text message? Whether you’re trying to get him to notice you or show him you’re a catch, it’s simple.

mistakes that ruin a date

Mistakes That Ruin A Date

Have you ever have a date go wrong because of a mistake you made? Here are the top five mistakes to avoid if you want to have a successful date.

why men swipe left

Why Guys Swipe Left On Tinder

Why don’t you ever match with quality guys on Tinder? I’m going to tell you what makes guys swipe left (and it doesn’t have anything to do with looks).

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How To Get A Second Date With A Guy

First dates are tough but the second date that’s the MOST important. How do you make sure a guy asks you out again? I’ll tell you what you need to do.

How To Text Your Crush

Texting is hard, especially when it’s your crush. Here’s what to do and what to avoid when you’re texting that special someone.

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How To Be Unforgettable

Are you struggling to make a lasting impression on people you meet? Follow these simple steps to be the guy that stands out from the crowd.

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How To Be Likeable

There’s one thing that will attract people to you more than looks, money, and status combined: being likeable. Likeability is within reach. Just cultivate these four traits and women will flock to you.

guy texting on his phone

What To Text A Guy You Like

Wondering how to text a guy you like? Wondering how to flirt via text or why he ignores your messages? Use these sneaky texting tactics to drive any man wild with desire.

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How To Flirt Without Being Creepy

Flirting is fun but how do you do it without being creepy? Here are five things to remember while flirting to drive her wild without making her uncomfortable.

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The REAL Secret Behind Attracting Men

Do other women always seem to get the guy while you’re stuck alone? Watch this free video to find out the secret to making men desire you RIGHT NOW and stick around for the long haul.

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Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

Sometimes girls will suddenly become attracted to men they used to see as just friends. Could this be happening to you? Here are some signs she wants to be more than your pal.

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How To Get A Girlfriend

Want a girlfriend? These simple tips can help you attract women, ask them out, and lock them down.


How to Pick Up Men

Some of the smoothest talkers and biggest scorers on today’s dating scene are women. If you’re looking to pick up men, follow these five tips.

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4 Ways to Challenge a Woman

Hey, you really REALLY want a woman to desire you? Retain a little mystery and give her space. Oh, and there’s more. Read about it here.

Reader Question: Torn Between Two Lovers

Being torn between two lovers is a serious problem that requires a delicate touch. Here are ideas that could help make sure you get out of the situation without any broken hearts or regrets….

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6 Signs She’s Flirting With You

Remember it’s just flirting. Yet there’s obviously something there if she’s vying for your attention in a certain way. There are signs. Learn about them!

7 Tips to Avoid Seeming Desperate

Blowing up your crush’s phone with unrequited texts is a sure sign you’re desperate. There are other indicators, too. Discover them here and right the ship!

Playing Hard to Get: Not Just a Game

Playing hard to get may sound frivolous, but believe it or not there’s really something behind it. Find out what and become more attractive to your crush.

Man and woman in bed together

How To Turn A Woman On

Wondering how to turn a woman on? Not sure how to get a girl attracted to you? Use these 3 simple techniques to crank up the attraction…

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4 Ways to Stimulate Sexual Tension

The goal of sexual tension is the break the touch barrier. Yes, it takes time and patience. But hey, you can do it. And this, my friend, is how!

Ways to Earn Trust From Your Date

It’s not that difficult to earn trust. Simply be yourself and stop trying to impress. OK, there are some other pointers, too. Learn about them here!

Why Loving Someone Too Much Is A Bad Idea

Wondering if it’s possible to love someone too much? Think Romeo and Juliet — and how did that turn out? Keep love in the proper perspective. Here’s what we mean.

Texting: How to Tell They Like You

Without the body language or chemistry cues, it’s hard to tell if someone likes you from texting alone. Yet, there are strong indicators. Read about them here.

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How to Make Him Your Boyfriend

You’ve flipped out over a guy and now you want him to be your boyfriend. So go for it, but better read these tips first to improve your chances.

5 Subtle Signs You’re Being Rejected

So is that woman you’re interest in not interested in you? How do you know for sure? Yes, there are ways to know if you’re being rejected. Here’s how!

How to be a Successful Ladies’ Man

Feeling comfortable around women is partly genetic, partly learned in childhood. But anyone can be a successful ladies’ man. Here’s a guide to help!