Exiting Date Ideas That Don’t Include Dinner and Drinks

Along with keeping a woman interested via text and talking verbally, it is important that you keep her interested through your actions. And what I mean by that is to plan interesting things for the two of you to do when you hang out and go on dates. Things that will make her excited to spend time with you.

You want to keep a woman interested in you, while simultaneously increasing her desire for you.

One way to make her excited to hang out with you is to find out the things she likes to do, and plan activity dates around that.

I’m not talking a bachelorette style helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps followed by a picnic in a heated tent on the top of a mountain with buckets of Pinot Grigio. Well, I’m sure that would woo almost anyone, but I don’t think that is feasible for most bank accounts. I’m talking about activities you can do to really get to know one another that help remove any of those jitters that happen when we first start dating.

couple laughing and sitting at a table together

You know the scene: a movie where you sit in silence and both of you don’t know what to do with your hands. Do you get popcorn, chocolate and a pop? Or do you get nothing? Or just  water? GAH!

To help you be the guy that women can’t resist, I’ve come up with a series of date ideas that are proven to get any girl excited to date you and will keep her interested in you.

So let’s begin.

Outdoor Activity

The first date idea is the outdoor activity.

The possibilities are endless, weather dependent, but dates that take place in the outdoors are great, such as hiking, sledding, and/or going for a bike ride. And if you don’t own bikes, I know most cities rent them for a reasonable price. Some other solid outdoor activities are swimming, kayaking, a good old fashioned picnic in the park and playing some Frisbee.

couple holding hands on a bike ride

The thing about planning a date is that it shows that you’ve put effort and thought into hanging out with a girl. And this does not go unnoticed.

With an outdoor date, if you want to up the romance quotient, bring along a little picnic–some snacks, and maybe even some wine.

New Activity

The next date idea is to try a new activity together.

Do something that both of you are not familiar with. For example, go wine tasting or on a brewery crawl; take a class together like one of those places that you go to paint pots.

Activities are a great way to break the ice and take some of the pressure of holding a lengthy, awkward conversation because you have the excuse that you’re focusing on what you’re doing. But it is still important to focus on your date and not just your Batman mug.

Try new activities that could even get you out of your comfort zone and can help the other person, like a yoga class. Maybe she’s great and she can teach you. The more you do things together, the quicker and better you will get to know someone.

See Things Live

Another great date idea is to go out and see live entertainment. Go out and listen to live music or hit up a karaoke night at your local pub. Buy tickets to a local concert. Or go see a live comedy show. These are all really fun and engaging date ideas and are better than sitting across from each other at dinner exchanging your first pet’s name.

Those are all really good preliminary date ideas, but as you and your girl become more intimate, it’s important to make the dates more intimate, which could be by a beach bonfire and is a good Segway into a more mellow date that promotes some cuddling and kissing.

Head Down Intimate Lane

To spark up the romance even more, you could invite her over to cook her dinner.

cartoon of a man reading a cook book This date is hot and steamy. It also has the potential for sex since she’s already at your place. But I’d make sure that your house is clean before she arrives and starts dinner. Don’t go crazy, but put in some effort.

Planning something more than 15 minutes in advance shows that you’ve thought about her and put some care into your date.

The Getaway

If you’re getting more and more serious, take a weekend trip somewhere. Go camping. Spend the night exploring a new city together. Get lost with each other and try to maneuver your way around.

All of these date ideas will make it so a woman feels really appreciated and can tell that you have put some serious thought and effort into your dates with her.

So go out and try some of these date ideas, and report back! Remember that you don’t have to break the bank to take a girl on a date. You just need to be creative.


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Kate Spring is a men's dating & attraction coach from Vancouver, Canada. A recognized leader in helping men become irresistible to women, Kate works with clients from around the world, helping them to get the girl they want, and the relationship they deserve.
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