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Use Facebook To Make Your Ex Jealous

Oh, Facebook… where stalking people is completely legal and encouraged! Facebook is one of those tools you can use to communicate with friends, set up events, and discover new and exciting things.

But you can also use Facebook for a number of other, less noble things… like making your ex jealous!

jealous facebook userYes, if you still have your ex on your Facebook friends list, it’s quite possible and quite easy to make him or her very jealous. And in fact, if you want to get your ex back, then I highly encourage you use these techniques. Jealousy is one of the most powerful ways to make your ex attracted to you.  [RELATED:  Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous]

But be warned: execute these techniques incorrectly and watch this backfire on you. So if your ex gets even the slightest bit of suspicion that you’re actually trying to make him or her jealous, all bets are off and it’s likely that you’ll push your ex even further away from you.

Make sure that when you do use these tactics, they have to be subtle.

Step number one – take pictures, and lots of them. Start going out to events and get pictures taken with beautiful people of the opposite sex and friends! Show the world, through pictures, that you’re happy and having a good time.

You need to convey to your ex that you’re not depressed, stuck at home and moping without them. You need to show the world that you’re a bright, confidant, and highly sought after person. After all, you are, aren’t you?  [RELATED:  How To Get Over Someone]

Step number two – make your status updates count. Okay, if you aren’t the person to update your status a lot, then skip this one, because if you all of a sudden start updating your status everyday, your ex will get suspicious. If you are a regular status updater, then don’t be afraid to let the world know that you’re going out and having fun.

And make sure you say something about the member of the opposite sex. So for example, if you’re a guy wanting to make your ex girlfriend jealous, you can say something like…

“Studying tonight at Melissa’s – no cell on me.”

Or if you’re wanting to make an ex boyfriend jealous, say something like…

“Going shopping with Richard at The Bay, anyone wanna come?”

Don’t make these status updates over the top!

Make them subtle (and if possible, completely honest).

Step number three – don’t go on Facebook too much!

There are a ton of advantages from this. Not being on Facebook will make people wonder what you’ve been up to. Not being on Facebook will help you stay away from all the drama. And perhaps most importantly, not being on Facebook will make you get over your ex by not allowing yourself to check out his or her profile.

If you have any experience using Facebook to make an ex jealous, let us know how it went in the comments section below!

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