How To Steal Another Guy’s Girlfriend

Do I recommend stealing another dude’s girlfriend? Hell no.

Most of the time, it isn’t worth it, but if you get away with it, it can be pretty satisfying.

Let’s first set up some ground rules here.

For one, you better not steal your friend’s girlfriend. I can’t begin to explain how stupid this is, and in my personal group of friends, I’ve seen this happen way too many times and have seen friendships dissipate overnight.

So that’s a no-go.

But if you know that a girl is getting mistreated, or you know she isn’t happy and you want to show her a good time, well, that’s where I come in.

How to Approach The Girl

Cheating Girl Friend
You need to be careful with this, but you have to first come off as a friend. If you come off way too flirty and way too alpha at first, she’ll get scared and feel guilty about talking to you. Especially if she’s with a super insecure boyfriend.

So come off as a friendly dude. Be nice to her and her boyfriend. Then get both their contacts if possible.

Say things like “You guys are rad! Any chance you both want to come party with us tonight? I should get your numbers ASAP.”  [RELATED:  How To Pickup Girls Using The “Scientific Method”]

Then after that, here comes the seduction…

Isolate Her

Try and get her on her own and then flirt with her. Touch her. Make her laugh and laugh with her. Here’s the thing about girls in relationships – they secretly crave for something new and adventurous. If you present yourself in a totally fun, chill, and flirty way, she will feel attracted to you. And this attraction she’ll feel won’t be her choice whatsoever.

But don’t make a move yet – if she’s a girl of any quality, she’ll reject you no matter how sound your game is if you move in too early on.

Plant Seeds of Doubt

Don’t talk about her boyfriend, but make yourself seem like you would be a better boyfriend than him. Talk about how well you’re treating a girl you’re dating right now. Tell her how good your sex is. Tell her how madly in love with you she is.

And all the while, continue touching her, flirting with her, and getting her excited about life.

Make Your Move

Look, sometimes you just have to go for it and it’s likely that a girl will try and stop you no matter how good you are. But kiss her and hold her tight once you sense that she is getting attracted to you.

Then don’t say anything about it. Continue chatting with her like nothing happened.

Let that event sort of fester in her mind, and she’ll wonder how on Earth she has lived all this time with such an unattractive jerk (now that you’ve come along to sweep her away!).

What To Do If Problems Arise

If problems come up, like her telling you *@#! off, fear not. Chances are she’s just mad because you’ve made her have feelings for you.

So shrug it off. Something will eventually happen again. And at worst, sooner or later, she’ll break up with this guy and you’ll be the first guy she calls.


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