Men, 8 Ways To Be A Good Leader

What does it actually mean to be a leader? And more importantly, what does it mean to be a good leader?

Chess piecesBeing a leader isn’t just a trait that women are attracted to, but men also have more respect for leaders.

Leading impacts all areas of life — and attracting women is just a small part of it. By being a good leader, you immediately have an unfair advantage in the work environment as well.

So what makes a good leader? Let’s jump into this comprehensive list:

1. Honesty

That means you’re honest about your abilities and to other people. Dishonesty won’t get you anywhere in the real world. You’re trying to be a leader amongst adults, not children, so only the brutal truth works.

2. Charming Communicator 

This one takes work. I can’t teach you how to be funny, but you can indeed learn how to do it. Practice speaking to people. Join a club where speaking is integral, and learn how to do it effectively.

Look at popular politicians and leaders today and emulate them. Remember, being a charming communicator isn’t all about humour, it’s about hand gestures too.

3. Delegate Tasks

You know how to tell people what to do, but you need to do it in such a way that people want to do it for you. You know peoples’ strengths and weaknesses. You motivate people to do things because you know how to sell, and you reward them well by doing things for them (and charming them in the process).

4. Swagger

This doesn’t mean you’re cocky and arrogant. If you’re a leader, that means you have to do something extraordinarily well and show people your talents and skills. Use this to generate an insane amount of confidence and from there, your swagger will naturally come through.

5. Committed

You don’t give up on people. If you’re going to be a good leader, you’ve got to stick with your team. Only then will you build the respect and admiration that is required. Imagine if someone gave up on you so easily. You probably wouldn’t want to be around them, right?

6. Motivate People

Motivation isn’t something you can manufacture that easily. To be honest, motivation is what holds most of us back. If someone had infinite motivation for something, the sky’s the limit.

The longer they would dedicate to perfecting their art and the harder he or she will push. Learn what makes people tick.

7. Be Positive

Be honest, but be positive. Nobody wants to follow somebody around that’s always expecting the worst. If your leader is expecting the worst, he or she is probably underestimating you. That’s not a great way to rouse motivation levels, is it?

8. Hard Worker

Set an example. Some of the best leaders out there aren’t all that articulate with their words, but they lead by example. If you work your butt off, the person beside you is also going to work their butt off.

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