10 Things Your Wife Needs from You

It’s no secret that marriages can be tough, especially once the honeymoon ends and your true selves become completely exposed to one another. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for spouses to get puzzled about their partner’s needs.

Women aren’t exactly the easiest creatures to understand; they can be confusing in their wants, and at times even seem demanding. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what your wife needs from you, here’s a list of her top 10 desires (in no particular order).

1. To Make Her Feel Beautiful

Women need to feel beautiful, so even if you told her yesterday, tell her again today, tomorrow and every day after. They not only love the compliments from their man, but believe it or not, women need the reassurance every now and then.

It can be tough to feel attractive in today’s world of airbrushed models and unrealistic beauty standards, and most women have a habit of comparing themselves to other women. As her husband, you have the opportunity to boost her confidence.

So, whether she’s dressed up to go out on the town or hanging around the house in a pair of sweats, let her know that she’s beautiful. You don’t always have to say it either. Instead, you can compliment her by flirting and showing physical affection, or most effectively, by having eyes for only her.

Many men make the dangerous mistake of gawking at other women, and when this happens it makes their wives feel insecure and question their husband’s attraction to them. Make sure your wife knows that you only have eyes for her. You chose to make a life with this woman, so make her feel like the queen she is.

Woman looking beautiful

2. To Support Her

When you put that ring on her finger, you immediately became a team. Your goals, dreams and wishes become BOTH of your goals, dreams and wishes. Together you must learn to take the good with the bad.

Every wife needs her husband to support her, encourage her, believe in her and be proud of her. To do this, help your wife tackle her goals and be her number one fan.

When she has a hard day or feels like giving up, give her the extra push she needs to keep going or be that shoulder for her to cry on. At the end of the day, every wife wants to know that her husband’s got her back.

3. To Appreciate Her

Every woman likes when you recognize the things she does, so make a point in appreciating her efforts on a daily basis. Say “Thank you” when she cleans the house, loads the dishwasher or saves you leftovers from dinner. Tell her what a great job she did at work or what a fantastic mom she is to your children. Let her know that you notice all of the things that she does, no matter the size.

It doesn’t take much to feel unappreciated, but once it happens it can be a slippery path. Without recognition for her hard work, what’s going to motivate your wife to keep doing the loving things she does? It’s easy to get swept away in the chaos of everyday life, but make a point to realise how wonderful your wife truly is.

4. To Communicate with Her

Ladies like to talk, but they also like when you talk back. When she asks you questions or for your opinions, be open and have a discussion.

Don’t brush off what she’s talking about because you don’t care or are uninterested. Believe it or not, your wife probably isn’t as interested in the football score or your new GTA games as she seems.

She’s just being polite and making conversation because she knows it’s important to you. Return the favour, initiate conversations and pay attention when she’s telling you the plot twist in her favourite sitcom.

Communication is key in a successful marriage, so keep it flowing. Remember, you’re a team now so don’t keep secrets from her and always be honest, even when the truth is hard to tell.

5. To Listen to Her

Perhaps the most important thing you can know about women is that they want to be heard. When your wife has a bad day, sit down and let her blow off steam. When she rants about the drama at work or how hectic her schedule is, listen and avoid interfering with your own stories or issues.

Give her the floor to speak and wait until she’s done before you comment or reply. Sometimes it’s appreciated when you find solutions to her problems, but if you can’t, don’t try to brush them off or tell her they’re not important. To her, they are.

When your wife opens up to you like this, always listen, not only with your ears, but your whole body. Show her that you’re interested in what she is saying by giving her your undivided attention- this means getting off your phone or turning off the T.V. Listening is one of the best ways to show your wife that you love, care and respect her.

6. To Show Her Physical Affection

Women are affectionate creatures that love and need physical attention on a daily basis. To them, physical acts show how important they are to you. If you don’t give your wife the physical attention she needs, she may become withdrawn, feel neglected or look elsewhere to have her needs met.

At the same time, physical affection isn’t all about sex. While sex is another key piece of a successful marriage, this isn’t the kind of affection that your wife needs daily. Instead, cuddles, hugs, caresses, kisses, and holding hands are great ways to fill her needs and make her wonder how she got so lucky.

7. To Feel Like a Priority

Women are naturally empathic in nature, and while they understand that you’re a man with your own interests and priorities, they also like to be a priority in your life.

Things will come up, work meetings will happen, games will be on – and that’s totally fine, but make sure she knows that nothing is more important to you than her.

A good trick to help make your wife feel important is by setting aside time or scheduling fun activities to do with each other. For instance, say you decide that every Saturday you’ll go on an afternoon outing together. By keeping her in the loop and spending quality time together, she’ll appreciate your effort and feel pretty special.

8. To Go on Dates

Before you were married, dating probably played a big part in your lives – it was how you got to know one another, became intimate, and fell in love with each other. Once you tie the knot, dating shouldn’t end. In fact, there’s probably not a wife out there who wouldn’t love to be taken out to a nice dinner or the movies.

When it comes to going on dates, it’s important for married couples to compromise, especially if spouses have different interests. For instance, if your wife is really into art then take her on a date to a local art exhibit. Then, the following weekend agree to do something you’re interested in.

It’s important to make a plan so that you both get to enjoy the things you love together, and keep dates original so that you don’t find yourselves bored. Dating was how your wife fell for you in the first place, so now that you’re married, go on dates to make her fall for you all over again.

9. To Be a Best Friend

As you probably already know, having a best friend is great. It’s the one person you can tell absolutely anything to, free of judgement and without worry. You can laugh and cry with that person, share you deepest thoughts, darkest secrets, and future dreams. Long and short of it is that they’re the person you can count on to always make you feel better.

Being a best friend for your wife is not only something she wants from you, but also something you should want in return. Couples who can share anything and everything with one another are powerful because their bond is built on all the things that make a relationship great. Besides, the best thing in the world is being in love with your best friend.

10. To Be Loved

Feeling lovedLast, but probably the most important thing your wife needs from you is LOVE. Saying I love you is only a beginning, you need to mean it and most importantly show it.

She needs to see it and feel it. Love comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can be found in small surprises and romantic gestures, in respect for her and appreciation for all that she does. Make your wife feel loved on a daily basis.

When you can’t be with her, send her messages to let her know you’re thinking about her, or call to check in. Remind her that she has your heart and never stop trying to show her how much she means to you.

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