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Amy North, BA, BSc, is a woman’s best friend. If you’re searching for the man of your dreams, or you want make your boyfriend stay devoted to you, then Amy North is your gal! Amy's incredibly popular YouTube channel, which boasts over 340,000 subscribers and 20+ million views, helps women learn how to get what they want out of their relationships. Her best-selling program, The Devotion System, reveals a number of psychological ‘hot buttons’ that make any man 'tick', and teaches readers how to use simple techniques and phrases to make any man love you.

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Do Not Marry THESE Kinds of Men (RED FLAGS!)

If you think he's marriage material, don't look past these red flags. These are clear indicators that he's the type of man you shouldn't marry.

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Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater? (Should You Forgive A Cheater?)

Being cheated on will break your heart. Can you forgive someone for cheating and move forward in the relationship or is it a mistake to even try?

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emotional addiction

How To Make A Man Emotionally Addicted To You

If you want a man to stick around and maintain your relationship, you have to understand the principles behind emotional addiction.

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Ten Texts To Make Him Commit

Have you found a great guy but he just won't commit? Use these ten text messages to lock him down for good.

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Make Men Desire You (Like Crazy)

You can make a man wild with desire with just one simple sentence. Whether its in person or over text, these words are guaranteed to make his heart pound.

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The Best Dating App For Women in 2022

Dating apps open up a whole new world of possibilities. But what's the best dating app for women? Believe it or not, one dating app stands above the rest.

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