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Mark Belmont, BSc, is a cross between Giorgio Armani and David DeAngelo. He’s a style and fashion consultant with a passion for helping single men improve their dating and love life. Mark’s list of “Universally Attractive” fashion and grooming tips has turned thousands of average men into dapper, well-dressed James Bonds.

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How to Get Over Your Girlfriend’s Sexual Past

You may not want to think about it, but your girlfriend, like yourself, has a sexual past. Get over it or go fish. Learn more here.

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Can A Guy Really Tell If You’ve Faked an Orgasm?

Even if your partner can't tell you faked an orgasm, you can, and over time fake orgasms can change a relationship. Read why it's better to be honest.

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How to Deal With Unrequited Love

Unlike the movies, unrequited love often stays that way. Tell your crush how you feel then leave it alone and go on living.

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Reader Question: Girlfriend Never Offers to Pay — Why?

Dating rules are not clear cut. Men used to pay for everything and even open doors. Some women still expect it. Others loathe it. Learn how to deal.

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How Setting Boundaries Can Help Your Relationship

Setting boundaries in a relationship is about respect. Boundaries can be both emotional and physical. Learn more about boundaries here!

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Handling Rejection

While it might be counter to our primal fears, how you are handling rejection says a lot about your maturity. Here are tips on how a gentleman does it.

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