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3 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

Finding the right girl can be a serious challenge… as anyone who has spent time in clubs and bars looking for love can attest to.

The last thing you need, then, is the added worry of women not finding you attractive enough.  After all, physical appearance (as much as we might hate to admit it) is the basis of all romantic relationships.

So in this post, I’m going to offer three very simple at-home techniques you can use to make yourself more appealing to the opposite sex.

1. Choose A Hairstyle That Suits The Shape Of Your Face

The shape of your face should dictate your haircut. Going with a certain hairstyle just because you like it isn’t always the best idea.

square faceYou really want to avoid accentuating the weaknesses of your face.  If you’ve got a tall and skinny face, then you don’t want really spiky hair that makes your face look even longer.

There’s nothing inherently unattractive about a tall face (celebrities and models have faces of all different shapes), you just need to choose a hairstyle that suits it.

There are other types of faces that need special attention, too.  As an example, very square and angular faces (think Arnold Schwarzenegger) make you look very masculine… but this type of face is much more suited to rounder hairstyles.

By using bangs, curls, or just more casual and wavy hair, you can bring the attention away from your angular jawline and make yourself look more attractive overall. For every facial shape, there are a set of ideal haircuts and a set of haircuts to avoid.

2. Kill Bad Breath Forever By Using A Tongue Cleaner

Is there anything on earth that will turn off a woman faster than bad breath?  Doubtful.  For that reason, you should be using a tongue cleaner.

Yes, you read that correctly. A tongue cleaner.

tongue cleanerDepending on what type of tongue cleaner you buy, yours may look different than the one pictured to the right… but for the most part, a tongue cleaner is a simple plastic device designed to gently scrape the layer of disgusting blue/green/yellow gunk off your tongue.

Why is it crucial? Because that gunk on your tongue is home to millions of bacteria cells, and can be a major cause of halitosis (aka “bad breath”). So, if you want to greatly reduce the risk of offending your date or your co-workers with foul-smelling breath, simply use a tongue scraper once or twice a day.

A tongue scraper should cost no more than $5 at your local drug store, pharmacy, or supermarket.

Note: Be careful not to scrape too vigorously, and don’t stick the tongue scraper down your throat… you may end up activating your gag reflex (not fun). Be gentle, don’t reach too far back, and don’t try to scrape off every last bit of that white crap… just pull the majority off with one motion and then brush your teeth as you normally would.

3. Avoid Unsightly Hairs By Using A Nose Hair Trimmer

nose hair trimmerLots of guys think I’m joking when I tell them I use a nose hair trimmer every few days. After all, most men who have noticeable nose/ear hair are in their 70’s, which is twice my age!

Seriously, though… there’s nothing more vile than a stray hair sprouting from your nose, ear, or anywhere else. Most people won’t notice these hairs, but any woman who gets within a few inches of your face is sure to spot them! (And then she might think twice about kissing you…)

The solution? Use a nose hair trimmer to safely and quickly remove all unwanted hair, without enduring the pain of tweezers or the risk of a razor. The tiny blades on a nose hair trimmer are hidden behind a metal shield, so it’s nearly impossible to cut yourself.

If you buy a name-brand model at a local drug store, you may pay up to $30, but a usable one can be bought for under $15 in many drug stores.  Too embarrassed to buy one? Order online.

So, there you have it — three simple tips that will help you look as good as possible next time you hit the local bar or club.

For more advice on how to look your best around the ladies, see this article on how to be a stud.

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Mark Belmont, BSc, is a cross between Giorgio Armani and David DeAngelo. He’s a style and fashion consultant with a passion for helping single men improve their dating and love life. Mark’s list of “Universally Attractive” fashion and grooming tips has turned thousands of average men into dapper, well-dressed James Bonds. If you’re interested in developing a unique style and skyrocketing your sex appeal, then check out Mark’s program, The Handsome Factor.
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