Does Your Ex Want You Back? (5 Signs To Look For)

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Are you stumped because you can’t figure out whether your ex wants you back? Or is he or she actually just playing with you?

If you can’t tell, I’ve compiled a list of proven indicators that will tell you whether or not your ex is interested in getting back together with you or not.

1. Communication — The Key To Finding Out

Smiling man talking on phone Does your ex try and make contact with you?

If you’ve been following my advice at all on how to deal with your ex, you should know that one of the things that you must do is not contact your ex for about 30 days.

However, in this time, it’s very possible that your ex will try and communicate with you in this time (even though he or she was the one who broke it off with you). This technique is what I call the Rekindling Phase.

If your ex is constantly trying to contact you (without you provoking this action), this is a very good signal that your ex, at the very least, does indeed miss you.

So how do you deal with this?

Well, if you want your ex back, then take your time in replying to them. Make them wait. And when you do reply, say something really simple, light, and short. For example, if your ex texts you “how are you?” Wait about 2-3 hours then reply with, “Hey! I’ve been very good. Hope all is well.”

Keep things positive and light.

2. They Flirt

I’m guessing if you’re reading this, some line of communication is still present between you and your ex. That is, they’re contacting you or you’re contacting them. Now, what they say to you is extremely telling if they want you back or not. Do they flirt with you? Do they seem happy to talk to you?

If they’re conveying sexual interest in what they say to you, this is one of the best indicators that your ex still wants you.

ex back quiz

3. They Want To Meet Up

Couple flirting with one anotherEven if it’s a stupid excuse to see you, if they show a desire to want to meet up with you, then it’s pretty clear that they don’t want the relationship to be over.

Now, at this point, you should never, ever indicate to them that you want meet up with them (yet). However, if he or she asks you to hang out, then tell them you’re busy for now.

This will drive them crazy with desire.

4. They Get Jealous

Watch this video that I made about how to get your ex back (it’s on the right here). Jealousy is one of the biggest indicators that your ex wants you again. So what you need to do is get them to the point where they can get jealous. By using one of the tactics I employ in that video, see how they react.

If your ex begins to act irrationally (angry/mean/depressed), it probably means that they still want you.

5. They Still Talk About You to Mutual Friends

Do you two have mutual friends? If your ex is still talking about you to them, there’s a chance that they miss you.

So get in touch with some friends (you should be doing this anyways after a breakup) and prod a little.

Remember that there are a ton of ways to tell if your ex wants you back. If you want a free video on how you can tell if your ex want you back, then click here to watch my video.

In it, it goes over not only some ways in which you can tell if your ex still desires you or not, but it also goes over some of the ways you which you can win your ex back even if they say they don’t want you back.

Let me tell you what Mike Richards from Ottawa says:

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Cindy Tanner from Vancouver says:

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So head on over to and check out my video. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Unfortunately, I think it’s really over. I’ve already made the mistakes of being an annoying ex boyfriend. Begging, professing my love, texting etc. I’ve seen my ex twice in the last month. Once was for her to return a few items. The other was to talk face to face. Which didn’t go well. She just kept repeating that she was done and started crying. We’ve talked on the phone a few times and that just ended in her yelling at me and hanging up. Yesterday she blocked my number and blocked me from all social media sites. She’s on vacation in Orlando now, I’m not sure she’s with someone already but it’s definitely crossed my mind. I’ve been extremely depressed about this break up. Don’t feel like doing anything. We were really planning our entire lives together and now it’s over just like that. I feel like she doesn’t even care. In our face to face conversation she admitted she still loves me but quickly said love isn’t enough and it doesn’t matter because love has nothing to do with us. I am in a lot of emotional pain… Its like a elephant is sitting on my chest. Crying all the time, sadness, not able to enjoy things that used to be fun for me… I’m a sick puppy right now.

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      You ought to really find the strength to leave her be for a good while, man. Don’t be a statistic here: Ex Factor Customer Horror Stories (This Is What NOT To Do…). Find a positive outlet for the stress that you feel right now. It’s totally okay to cry your eyes out (just NOT in front of your ex), this is healthy, but try to balance it with other stuff. So keep your mind occupied, get busy with a lot of stuff like hobbies, work, etc. focus on what makes you feel good and take time to heal as well. Also read my Ex Factor Guide, which covers commonly possible ‘what if’ scenario and will give you pretty much everything you need to know, so read it many times over until you master it. The aim of the guide is basically to put you in the best position to get your ex back…and to avoid the pitfalls to increase your chances altogether. Check it out! Good luck!

  2. Libby
    Libby says:

    Hi Brad. I really don’t know what to do. Yes, I love him and I want him back but I don’t have the guts to talk to him because I know and I’m sure that he is dating someone. Actually, I ended the realationship because I thought he is just waiting for me to say that we’re over. The week before our break-up, he is cold and he always say that he’ll be going somewhere, etc. I cried every night and I thought that letting go was the right thing to do. I know his feelings for me were already fading but he couldn’t say it straight on my face but I can feel it in his actions. After our break-up, his friend asked me what did I do because he called him last night and he said that my ex was crying loud. My heart dropped when I heard that my ex cried because of me. I really didn’t expect those things. Its been 2 months since we last talked but until now I want him back. I badly want him back. I’m so guilty and I regret the things I’ve done. We haven’t talked since that happened. I received news from our mutual friends that he still doesn’t have any new girlfriend now and he’s asking my friend if I’m going to win him back again. But now he said (in his new tweet) that he will find his “new princess.” Which means he will find someone to replace me, it really broke my heart. I still want him back but I don’t know if he has a new girlfriend now or what. I can’t say that he wants us back too because I already broke his heart. But for now, I’m contented on loving him secretly and still hoping us back. I can’t imagine the day that I wouldn’t love him anymore. What will I do Mr.?

  3. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    Hi Brad. I’m really upset right now. I haven’t stop crying for 3days and I did stop but now I’m crying again. It’s been a week since we broke up. We had been together ab 1,6 years. He was the one who interacted first and made me fall for him. Our love was strong and deep. He kept telling me that he gonna marry me anyway. Then suddenly his life becomes busy since his sister and her son moved back to their house because of divorce. He has to spend mostly of the time for family. We started less talking, meeting and other stuffs. There was no calls at all at this time. Then I get upset and keep thinking that he might cheating on me. He strongly denied that all time. I still put a trust on him. Since we had been less interacting with each others I’ve feel unsafe in our relationship. I keep doubting him ab what he was doing all the time. One day we were texting and unexpectedly he didnt reply my text (this has happened manytimes). Few hours later I saw him was onling on fb. Then I asked him why he was ignoring my texts. Later he said he just woke up after a nap and had not notice my coming texts and put on anger to me said that he couldnt take this any more. He said that he was so busy and I were so annoying. He dont want to be in control anymore and brokeup with me. But I did not control him at all!!! We just texted whenever he was free. I begged him for not leaving me cuz i love him so much but he didnt. He said that he not really like “running out all feelings” for me and asked for a couple days to think. After 3 days he did not send me any texts so I send him “I’m missing u like crazy rightnow” then he reply said that he had been feeling good these day and didnt want to come back but there’s still feelings for me, he told me to give up on him cuz he doesnt want to hurt me anymore. I cant stand his mind game so put out “say you dont love me anymore then I give up on you”. And he said “if I said this would make you leave me then yes, I dont love you anymore. Be strong.” Then I unwillingly I accepted that we are over. We havent spoken to each others for a week now. That makes me so upset cuz I still love him so much and really want him back. Please help me.

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Hey Shelby, sorry to hear about the breakup. He may be interacting less because he has a lot of stuff going on, not necessarily cheating. 🙂 Granted how you’re his girlfriend, though, he should’ve communicated to you and not leave you hanging. A breakdown in communication is oftentimes the cause for an otherwise solid relationship to crack. Anyway since he’s been grumpy and things ended badly where he’s likely upset for whatever reason. Stop bombarding him with messages though as that would seem clingy. In fact, since he’s distancing and seem cold and aloof, the last thing you’d want to be doing is bombarding him messages. Let him miss you, instead, okay? He may snap out of it if you show you’re independent and not needing him in any way. Cut off contact for at least a month. Watch this: How to Make Your Ex Miss You Take care!

  4. sid
    sid says:

    sir ….my gf is confused ….sometime she shows she wants me back and some ttm she pushes me away….i m nt sure i think she is dating someone else but she always told me….she is single and last tym we meet for the movie she tried to remind me of some past memories….i dont know what to do now….she used to call me after a gap of 2 or 3 days and she used to talk nicely but then she ignores me… u think i should start nc now….its about more then a month for our breakup….i need your advice … i took the quiz it show me 72% chance

  5. Sonu
    Sonu says:

    Hi brad, am Sonu. Here I want to discuss about my BF. He was my Project lead then we fall in love and then in relationship. We had great time together for about 1.6 years. Now when I started asking about marriage, he started avoiding me. one day I got angry and we fought and now completely he blocked me in all communication sites. We belong to 2 different cities of India, Because of difference in our culture and he is one year younger to me – he is not ready to marry me. He is telling his family will not agree but i know majorly he is scared to inform this to his family and friends. Please help me to get him back, he is very rigid kind guy and very confident person but i know he is emotionally weak but in my case he became strong not talking to me. We fought 2 weeks ago and finally he blocked/broke up with me 3days before. Help me brad!

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Hi Sonu! Give it a little space first and don’t push him, all right? Pressuring him will only make things worse, so try to be patient, especially if this is what’s causing your fights most of the time, all right? Also try to really see what your next action plan is for yourself if he really isn’t ready to get married as you may decide to stay for a while or move on completely, it’s totally up to you. I suggest NOT to make a hasty decision though and try to cut off contact first so you get to think clearly and won’t regret your decision afterwards, okay? Sign up for my coaching program if you’re still unsure what to do next. Good luck!

  6. SP
    SP says:

    My ex and I had an affair. I love him way more than I have ever loved another human being ever in my life. On Feb 20 he abruptly ceased all conversation with me after 18 months of a fairly tumultuous affair and seemed to break everything off with me. He ‘ghosted ‘ me. I was devastated because my first husband had been killed and I still have acute PTSD from that. I went crazy. Three weeks later I found out he was fine and had been lying abut dying and was trolling for pussy online on craigslist. I went insane. I set him up and forwarded the thread to his wife, kid and friend. He found out it was me. Things went downhill from there. I was so hurt he had lied to me and treated me that way. I know what I did was wrong but I was so injured. He hates me now. I am still in love with him. He has made efforts to see me but doesnt show at meetings he sets up. My heart is broken. I never loved anyone like I love him. I think about him constantly . I am devastated. Can anyone help me, please for the love of god, help. I can’t deal with this pain…

    • Brad Browning
      Brad Browning says:

      Hi there. I hate to say this, but if he’s not only having an affair with you, but going off and meeting a bunch of other women online as well, then this is not a healthy relationship for you to be in. Are you even sure he’d leave his wife for you? I don’t know the entire situation, so feel free to correct me if I’ve missed a few details. Get my coaching program so I can look at the bigger picture and see what’s really going on. I’m sorry to hear about your late husband. I do have to point out that for your existing condition, I strongly advise that you seek treatment for that immediately and address it as soon as possible which may or may not play a role in the breakup now; since that is a different area altogether which is outside my reach. Okay? Take care!

  7. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    Hi Jessica,

    So here it is:

    My girlfriend dumped me about 3-4 months ago. I know exactly why – she said it was because she needed time alone and that because we had been together for so long (4 years) and are both still so young (20/21yr.) that she wants to learn to function on her own again. She also said that the ‘spark’ or excitement in our relationship had died, and I agree. However, I am madly in love with her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and even after months apart I still think about her every single day. It’s horrible. I also know the REAL reason that we broke up – I became lazy. I neglected her needs and continually put my own wants before hers. I became unattractive to her (and everyone). Basically, I became too comfortable in our relationship and let myself go as a result. I am in the process of dealing with these regrets and I honestly think I’m doing very well – I have forgiven her mistakes and my own – And since we have broken up I have started doing loads of new things (including joining the gym and gaining muscle, which I am v. proud of as before I was a v. skinny guy).
    Now that I have started self-improving and genuinely achieving the things that I want to achieve (and the things that I feel make me more attractive) I feel ready to start a new relationship with her that could be so much stronger than the one we previously had.
    The only problems are:
    A) Her new man.
    B) I don’t live close to her, I don’t really know any of her current friends well enough to just hang out with them so, in other words, I have no real reason to just ‘bump into her’ or ‘be around her’. – I feel totally shut off from her life.

    So, in essence, I am fairly sure she has found that ‘spark’ again with a new man and I don’t know what to do. I was foolish enough to appear incredibly needy when we first broke up and I realize now that that just made it easier for her to move on and find someone else.

    I genuinely picture a life with this girl Jessica and I am terrified that I have just let it slip through my fingers. Please help me. It feels like I have tried everything and all I want is to be the man that makes her happy.

  8. Jarred
    Jarred says:

    So my story is about my ex GF she left me a about a month ago and i know the reasons she told me we were a boring couple and that she wasnt attracted to me anymore.

    We had been dating for 3 months it was a good relationship where we began to fall in love with eachother. 2 days b4 the break up she was apologizing because she wasnt a good GF like not giving me enough attention and saying she was going to get better for me and i began to believe her because of the next day she gave me loads of attention like contacting me first etc. well the day after that she just randomly dumps me saying that we were boring and i was unattractive to her but she still wanted to be friends even though she dumped me well at midnight she called me crying telling me shes sorry and that she will miss me and everything we did and for a week i begged for her to take me back and took the desperate route i knew it was wrong but i was scared of losing her at the time well after her constantly getting annoyed she blocked me from her phone and told me there was nothing i could do to get her to unblock me from her contacts. For about 2 weeks after she blocked me i moped around feeling sad and depressed so i decided to tell her friend to tell her (since she blocked me and i had no means of contact with her) i told her “i guess ill try to move on and give up on being friends with her since thats not what she wanted” (it felt wrong at the same time telling her that because it wasnt true) well not even 5 mins. Pass and she unblocks me from her phone! But started an argument about the present she bought me for christmas saying “so you don’t like my christmas present huh” (of course i said somethings but i didn’t mean them it just hurt a lot when she left me, but i didn’t mean any of it honestly) i apologized to her saying im sorry and that it was a special gift from her and she didnt listen she called me a liar and wanted the present back because she didnt want to see it go to waste since she thought i didnt care well i didnt text her back for awhile so like a couple of minutes pass and she says “excuse me” to get my attention so i text her back saying i really did care about it and she said
    “Thx bye”
    “I dont care”

    Well i immediately went into no contact for about a week until i messed things up and contacted her again because i was worried she wouldnt contact me back ( i know that was a huge mistake) but i didnt talk about the relationship just small talk but i could tell something was wrong so i asked her and she said it was nothing and if there was why would she tell me so i said i dont know because i still care and she ignored that and said why are we even talking so SHE hanged up.

    We havent spoken since but she reblocked me from her contacts and blocked me from all social media i had with her is there still hope or should i just give up. But i dont want to lose her.
    P.s. she has a new boyfriend i think?..

    Your advice would help out alot.

  9. deon colvin
    deon colvin says:

    idk what the f***. I mean I love her, but she doesn’t feel as though it’s true. Curses me out, calls me all type of thot whores, and say my dick is limp. She always run back to her bd and talk bad about me, because a prostitute tried to f*** me, but did suck me, I am very very sorry about what I’ve done to my ex and I just want to give her neck, but she didn’t wash up, so what should I do Jessica? I really do care about the views she has as well her mindset grasps my attention. She is gorgeous due to her intelligence, her beauty, and overall THICK as fuck and like a chicken I want to pluck. I can’t stop thinking about how I messed up a blessing and now I lost out and for that no one is worth my time nor Penis. How can you still love someone that doesn’t even want you in their face for 2 mins. Jessica please help me out please.
    f*** it
    Jessica she just told me to go f*** myself because I’m asking for your help .


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